Wasatch-Uinta Field Camp Safety Forms

Attention: Wasatch-Uinta Field Camp is still finalizing plans for summer 2021.

Please note: the forms below are intended for use with the tranditional, face-to-face, field-based course.

The Wasatch-Uinta Field Camp Safety Forms outline common environmental, health, and safety hazards, the expected standards of conduct, and the ramifications of policy violations at field camp. This document also discusses the safety precautions and strategies needed to minimize risk to yourself and others. It is important for you to evaluate the stated risks with regard to your own personal health and safety, request reasonable modifications (“accommodations”) to course delivery, and modify your participation or attendance accordingly. 

Download: Wasatch-Uinta Field Camp Safety Forms

Required Actions

Once you have downloaded the Wasatch-Uinta Field Camp Safety Forms, you must complete the following five steps. Your enrollment in the program is contingent upon the completion of these steps -- you will not be allowed to participate if you fail to do so:

  1. Part 1: Complete an Online Personal Medical Assessment form at the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/mMDyOtyZz57uztEz1
  2. Part 2: Read and understand all of the sections in the Statement of Hazards & Standards of Conduct (pages 1-6 of this document).
  3. Part 3: Sign the Acknowledgement (page 7 of this document) indicating that you received, read, and understand the Statement of Hazards & Standards of Conduct.
  4. Part 4: Read and sign the official General Liability Waiver form (page 8 of this document). This waiver is specific to field camp only and must be completed in addition to any waivers required by your own university.
  5. Scan and submit a PDF of your (1) signed Acknowledgement and (2) signed General Liability Waiver to Dr. Burmeister via email
    on or before 1 APRIL

Send electronic attachments via this email link
Please submit neatly scanned forms as a SINGLE DOCUMENT saved in PDF FORMAT ONLY.
Make sure "WUFC Forms" or something similar appears in the email subject line.

If absolutely necessary, send paper copies via regular mail to:
Dr. Kurtis C. Burmeister
CSUS Dept of Geology
6000 J Street MS 6043
Sacramento, CA 95819



If you have any questions about this Safety Statement, the Personal Medical Assessment form, the Field Camp General Liability Waiver, or any topic associated with field camp, please contact Dr. Burmeister. Please feel free to direct gender-sensitive questions to Dr. Gran.

Dr. Kurt Burmeister
Univ. of Illinois, Sacramento State Univeristy
916.278.5635, Email

Dr. Karen Gran
University of Minnesota Duluth
218.726.7406, Email


Last revised 1/11/21