University Vehicles

Vehicles used at field camp are rented through the participating universities and must be used in accordance to established guidelines and policies. Everyone is expected to treat the vehicles with care, as the cost of repairs to vehicles must be borne by the camp budget.

Vehicle Usage

University rental rates range from $0.50 to $0.70 per mile. For this reason, vehicle use is generally restricted to course-related activities. On occasion, groups of students may make arrangements to borrow a university vehicle for an approved non-academic trip. Under these circumstances, university vehicles may be used for a mileage charge (based on a per mile cost) for short trips (e.g. to Salt Lake City) with the appropriate permissions. Vehicles are not to be used for running around town.

  1. All requests for non-academic use of university vehicles must be cleared by the head TA.
  2. A group of at least 6 students is needed to request the use of a university vehicle. Please plan ahead for trips (e.g., laundry, REI, WalMart, Staples, tourist locations) so you can recruit the necessary numbers.
  3. Speed limits should be followed at all times. Drivers are responsible for any traffic violations. All drivers must have a valid and clean drivers license. Drivers are held responsible for all van rules.
  4. Smoking is not permitted in university vehicles. Violators will be responsible for any resulting cleaning fees. 
  5. Hitchhiking or picking up hitchhikers is not permitted 

Vehicle Captains

Each university vehicle is assigned an individual that has the authority to make decisions concerning the passengers and what is (or is not) appropriate behavior. These vehicle captains are responsible for general maintenance (recording milage, fueling, tire checks, etc.). Please help make their jobs easier by cooperating with them and by respecting the rights of others. Vehicles must be cleared of trash daily and thoroughly cleaned by all students when needed, including the day of departure from camp.

Personal Vehicles

The use of personal vehicles during course-related activities is not allowed. Parking spaces in front of the Chateau Apres Lodge are reserved for university vehicles. Personal vehicles driven to field camp must be parked in designated areas along adjacent streets or in nearby parking lots. In the recent past, overnight parking in Park City has become difficult (residential stickers required). Public parking lots are availble and free, but none are adjacent to the Chateau.


Last revised November 2017