Room & Bed Assignments

All rooms at the Chateau Apres Lodge have two or three beds, a private bathroom, and HD LCD TV with basic cable channels. Two or three students from different universities are assigned to each room. Beds are selected on a first come – first served basis. However, since some beds may be better than others, we encourage roommates to agree upon a fair plan to trade off beds at least once during camp.


Towels, washcloths, and bath mats are not supplied, so be sure to bring your own. Clean bed linens are supplied as necessary (generally on Tuesdays and only following a week of constant use) and students will make their own beds. 

Internet & Telephone 

The Chateau has Internet access during the summer months, but functionality at any given time depends on your location in the building, the number of your fellow students using it and the nature of what is being downloaded - please be considerate and don't stream movies for example. Access to public telephones is very limited, but cell phone service in Park City is generally good.


Living quarters and study areas must be kept clean. Students are responsible for regularly emptying the trashcans in their rooms into large garbage cans located on each floor. Please empty all liquids before putting trash into large garbage cans. All trash (e.g., lunch bags, orange peels, wrappers) must be packed out of the field and vans for proper disposal.


Please do not place recyclable materials in the large garbage cans. Put all EMPTY & RINSED recyclable materials (glass, aluminum, and coded plastics) in the appropriate bins on the front porch. Universities will take turns weekly emptying these recycling bins at a local facility.

Prohibited Items

  1. Rock samples & laundry detergent must be kept in your lockers in the dining room. Rocks & laundry detergent discovered in rooms by the Chateau management will be discarded.
  2. Ice chests are not allowed in rooms. If you have an ice chest, please store it outside on one of the balconies.


Last revised May 2018