Emergency Care

Park City Area Emergency Services

  • Park City Medical Center
    (Located four miles from the Chateau – 24-hour emergency room & full service hospital)
    900 Round Valley Drive
    Quinn’s Junction
    Park City, UT 84060
    (800) 544-2885

  • Park City Family Health and Urgent Care Center
    (Located within a mile of the Chateau)
    1665 Bonanza Drive
    Park City, UT 84060-5127
    (435) 649-7640

  • Snow Creek Medical Center
    1600 Snow Creek Dr.
    Park City, UT 84060
    (435) 655-0055
    Hours: 9am-6pm, Sat 9-5, Sun 9-3

  • Park City Police Department
    2060 Park Avenue
    Dispatch: (435) 615-5500
    Records / Lost & Found: (435) 615-5507
    Administration: (435) 615-5505

  • Park City Dentistry
    1600 Snow Creek Drive
    Park City, UT 84060
    (435) 649-4343

Health Insurance

Health insurance is required.You are responsible for all medical and dental expenses while at camp – the camp has no responsibility for the medical expenses of students and does not provide students with any forms of medical insurance. Work closely with your family and your university to determine what health insurance policies are available to you and what the limits of your coverage is before coming to camp. Make sure to carry your medical insurance information with you at all times.

Should you need medical attention, you will generally need to pay for any services provided (cash or credit card) during your visit and then seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier. Please talk with your health insurance carrier before to camp and make sure you understand what documents and procedures are necessary to begin this process if needed.

Last revised January 2013