Camp History

Geology of The Ranch of Moroni Marchant

A fantastic little article written for a Summit County Fair circular in 1991. This piece features an interview with Dr. Matsch (Minnesota-Duluth) and a great picture of Drs. Matsch, Byers (Wisconsin), McCormick (Iowa), and Gates (Wisconsin). Click thumbnail for PDF of article (1.4 MB).

Geology Camp Marks 40th Year In Town

An article written by The Park Record reporter Dale Thompson on the Wasatch-Uinta field camp during its 40th year (2006) in Park City. This aricle features interviews with Dr. Phil Brown (Wisconsin) and student Erik Haroldson (Minnesota-Duluth), gives a tip of the hat to our excellent host, Ed Hosenfeld, and highlights our working relationship with Newmont Mining Corp. Click thumbnail for PDF of article (2.7 MB).