Arrival & Departure

Arriving at Camp

Camp always begins at dinner on a Sunday. Students must arrive at the Chateau Apres Lodge in Park City between noon (not before noon) and 6:00 PM for dinner and mandatory meeting on the first Sunday; for 2022 this will be June 12, 2022.

Park City is situated high in the Wasatch Mountains about 40 minutes east of the nearest major transportation hubs in Salt Lake City. For students arriving at the International Airport (SLC), the railroad depot, or the bus station in Salt Lake City, ground transportation can be arranged via local services. Uber or Lyft are likely your best bet, certainly for more than one person.

Luggage and Personal Gear

Please limit yourself to a reasonable amount of luggage (1 or 2 large duffle bags, sleeping bag, tent). Bring a daypack large enough to carry your gear in the field (3-4 liters of water, rain gear, lunch, etc.) and to hold items you want with you on driving trips. Please check with your university representative if you plan to bring a bicycle. Soft-sided luggage is preferred – please avoid hard-sided suitcases and external frame packs (unless you know you are going to go backpacking in some free time). Excessively large baggage is not allowed.

End of Camp

Camp always ends on a Friday (i.e July 22, 2022). Students should plan on leaving the Chateau after noon (not before noon) on the final Friday.  If flying please don't schedule your departing flight before 3pm. If you must stay in Park City that Friday night, you will need to make arrangements to stay at a hotel or campsite.


Last revised 9/23/19